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Welcome to a future of scientifically driven succes with SPEYS


Analysing opportunities & Applying scientific insights

Our expertise lies in analysing opportunities and use scientific insights to accelerate growth in your food venture. Expertise fields within our organisation are: 

Fermentation | Improving plant based products | Waste valorisation | Upcycling | Develop strategies for sustainable food claims


Precision in progress 

Our streamlined Plan of Approach is designed for maximum impact. Let us guide you through a journey of focused analysis, strategic prioritisation, application of scientific insights, recommendations, collaborative implementation and continues monitoring and adaptation—culminating in a stronger, more resilient future for your food venture.

1. Comprehensive Analysis

We start by diving deep into your business, conducting a thorough examination of production processes, food products, market position, and regulatory compliance. This initial analysis forms the foundation for understanding your unique challenges and opportunities.

2. Prioritisation

With insights from the analysis, we prioritise key areas that fit your business objectives. This focused approach ensures that our efforts are directed toward the most impactful and strategic opportunities for improvement.

3. Apply scientific insights

Opportunities for improvement align with the latest food scientific and technology research. In this way we ensure that our recommendations are not only grounded in established principles, but also leverage the latest advancements.

4. Recommendations

We will incorporate all the insights gained from the previous step into our report for you. In this report, we will provide a detailed description of our recommendations in a clear and comprehensible manner.

5. Collaborative implementation

We will actively work with your team to implement the proposed solutions. This approach promotes a dynamic partnership focused on achieving co-designed results.

6. Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

Our collaboration extends beyond the mere implementation of our solutions. As we understand the dynamic nature and competition within the food sector, we consistently monitor the impact of our implemented solutions. We make real-time adjustments where necessary to ensure the continued success and resilience of your food business.